Lab for professionals from the fields of theatre and dance

How do you do? #4: Representation & Appropriation

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Under the title «How do you do?», we bring together professionals from the fields of theatre and dance from different language regions of Switzerland and from abroad for an 11-day lab to discuss the invited productions and their own work under a particular point of view.
The fourth edition of the lab puts the performer on stage in the spotlight. They represent people, appropriate stories or claim an autobiographical background. But is there a boundary – who is allowed to talk for whom? Is it ok, when a Swiss performer represents a war-refugee? In what way can I tell a story which is not mine? How much authenticity do we need?
In this year’s edition of the residency program, we would like to explore the possibilities or the limits of cultural appropriation in a broader sense. Based on the experiences and perspectives of the participants, on the attended performances at the festival and on inputs by experts, we will discuss, if or how much the performers should live what they claim on stage.

This years participants of the Lab How do you do? #4 are: Eva Böhmer (Shanghai), Marilena Katranidou (Thessaloniki), Nina Kohler (Bern), Manon Krüttli (Lausanne), Sonia Kwek (Singapore), Christoph Leuenberger (Bern), Natascha Moschini (Basel), Ernestyna Orlowska (Bern), Matthew Rogers (Žilina), Anna Röthlisberger (Basel), Daniela Ruocco (Bern).