Festival Centre kulturpunkt at PROGR

Round Table

Late-Night Round Table with the artists

Have you got questions about a performance? Would you like to meet one of the artists? Would you like to give the AUA-team you opinion? We’ve got the format for that! After some of the performances we are setting up a round table with the artists for about half at the Festival Centre at PROGR. Memebers of the AUA-team host the casual chat.

FR 12.05. | 20:45 | These Are My Principles… if you don’t like them I have others

SO 14.05. | 20:00 | Hello useless – for W and friends

THU 18.05. | 22:00 | 50 Grades of Shame

FR 19.05. | 23:00 | Hamlet

SAT 20.05. | 21:15 | Exodus

SAT 20.05. | 23:00 | Gott