30. April–10. Mai 2015

Leave the winning team

Paleo Diet, polyamory, Pegida: swimming against the current is in. Be it politically, nutritionally, economically, sexually: The alternative has long become the mainstream. If you’re not out of the ordinary, you’re boring. Even the establishment wants to be subcultural. But is that really brave? Or are we just fishing for likes?

But beyond these trendy would-be alternatives, there really are some courageous paths. Those who try things which they don’t already know will be a success, have the potential to advance. That’s what the 14 gust productions show. They all make counterproposals to the world as we know it. They ramble the Gurten as a herd of reindeers or develop a new constitution. They’re a manifesto against sexism or propagate a sociology of things. We don’t know if they can change the world – but at least they try.

We suggest that you also leave your winning team, your safe harbour, your penguin colony. We can’t really say for sure whether you or the others will be the “Gigu” (prick) though. But we sure hope your path will still lead to AUAWIRLEBEN. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


AUA team