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The letter-subscription from auawirleben

aua comes your way

Sold out!

How do you make theatre when the basis for it (to meet up in a room) is no longer given? What is a festival when the essence of it (bringing people together) is not an option? Difficult questions that we and many other organizers and theatre professionals around the world face and can’t answer. A theatre festival really doesn’t work at the moment, not in the slightest.

But despite the cancellation of the festival and the ongoing lockdown, we will offer you something from 8th to 21st May. You can stay at home for the most part of it because «aua comes your way». If you subscribe for this experiment, you will receive a letter from us every day from 8th to 21st May. Every time you will find an artistic proposition from one of our invited theater groups, bands and artists. Sometimes it’s a poem, sometimes a postcard, sometimes access to a virtual meeting. Or you get ideas for something to do at your home or - if you like and can - for a little trip. Subscribers who live in the Bern city area even receive the one or the other delivery. And of course, there is also a virtual festival center!

But how exactly do we get to your home?

1. To become a subscriber, send us the following information to Full Name | Address | Email address | mobile number
2. A few days before the festival, the first letter flutters into your mailbox.
3. Our letter-subscription has three prices, you can choose yourself:
Crisis price: Fr. 0.- | Normal price: Fr. 15.- | Proof of love: Fr. 30.-.
Please pay the amount of your choice onto the following account: IBAN CH62 0900 0000 3075 7536 0.

Even in times of crisis, it is important to us that people with disabilities can be part of our audience. For this reason, «aua comes your way» makes several contributions accessible to people with hearing impairments - just as during a conventional auawirleben. Interested people can contact us via

We are very much looking forward to this experiment and we are even more happy to have you with us!

Your aua-team



I don’t live in Switzerland. Can I still be part of «aua comes your way»?
We only send the letters within Switzerland. If you want to get an insight, you can sign up for the email subscription at (please enter your email address and mobile phone number). However, there are a few actions that only work in the city of Bern. With these we try to offer a replacement to the foreigners.
Can I join later?
Yes, you can get the subscription at any time until the end of the festival. However, we recommend that you subscribe immediately. Like that, you get all the letters on time - and it helps us with the planning.

Do I have to participate every day when I have the subscription?
No, it is up to you whether you want to participate in individual things. For some actions, the letter will ask you to register in advance so that we can plan.

Do I have to be free for the whole two weeks?
No, many of the contributions are independent of time. Some last 24 hours, others have fixed starting times.

What language is the letter subscription in?
The contributions are either in German or English.

What happens to my data such as address, email address and mobile number?
Of course, we treat this data confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties.

Are the federal government hygiene regulations observed by the aua-team in this project?
Yes. We take hygiene measures very seriously and work with masks, especially while we are packing the letters. Our emails are virus-free too.

Do the artists receive a fee for their contributions?
Of course they do!