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Call for applications - How do you do? #2

Call for applications How do you do? #2: Can we show this on stage? 11th to 21st May 2017

Under the title «How do you do?», AUAWIRLEBEN will bring together young Swiss professionals from the fields of theatre and dance from all language regions for a 10-day lab to discuss the invited productions and their own work under a particular point of view.

The second edition of the lab asks the question: Can we show this on stage? Often theatre takes up political topics and socially relevant questions and presents them to an audience. Problematic issues are addressed and exposed through the medium theatre. At the same time, though, this exposure repeats the criticized conditions or activities. But can the expression of a racist thought on stage be justified under the cover of critique? Is a sexist action on stage art or misogyny? Doesn’t ongoing repetition of disputable behaviour lead to a bigger tolerance of exactly these drawbacks that we criticize? And how does irony as a loophole play into this?

In the second edition of the lab programme, we want to find out which explicit and implicit taboos rule theatre, which mechanisms and codes exist for the artists as well as the audience and if or how they could be overcome. On the basis of practical examples of the productions invited to AUAWIRLEBEN, we discuss whether a naked body is provocative, which artistic motives there are to make a theatre with migrants or more generally: What can/should/must we show on stage?

Target group:
Professionals from the fields of dance and theatre living in all language regions of Switzerland.

- interest in exchanging views and networking with other artists
- readiness to explore the lab question Can we show this on stage?  from different perspectives
- ability to objectively reflect one’s own work
- ability to hold conversations in English
- availability during the whole lab

What we offer:
During the international theatre festival AUAWIRLEBEN, we offer the 10 lab participants the possibility to meet and reflect with the other participants from Switzerland as well as international artists from the festival programme. The framework of the lab «How do you do?» is deliberately kept quite open to give room for the different needs of the participants. The participants will watch all the productions of the festival together and are provided with a room during the day to work, discuss and be in. Furthermore, they will meet up with experts from different areas of performing arts (presenters, artists, theorists, sponsors).

All participants will receive a festival-pass. AUAWIRLEBEN will cover accommodation (double rooms) in Bern (11.-21. May, 10 nights) and travel expenses. Furthermore, the participants will receive food and drinks at a reduced price at the festival centre.

The lab will take place from the 11th to the 21st of May during AUAWIRLEBEN in Bern.

Applications can be handed in in German, Italian, French or English. Please send the following documents until the 2nd of March 2017 to: sarah.buser@auawirleben.ch
- Letter of motivation (max 2 A4) with focus of interest in the lab question Can we show this on stage?
- short biography


also find the call for applications here.