Tuesday, 29.03. | 10:00

Buy your Festival Pass now!

Übersichtsplan der AUA-Vorstellungen

Some of our shows will be sold-out quickly, so we recommend you to buy your Festival Pass soon.

Like with the single tickets, the price category, you can also choose your price category for the Festival Pass:
Nice Price: Fr. 99.– | Good Price: Fr. 149.– | Special Price: Fr. 199.–
You can order the Festival Pass here. (Sorry, the form is only available in German. If you have problems ordering please contact us: kontakt@auawirleben.ch). After ordering you can make your reservations online.

With your Festival Pass you can see all the shows for example with this schedule (but there are also other possibilities):
MI 11.5. 21:30 Dewey Dell
DO 12.5. 19:00 Verein zur Aufhebung des Notwendigen
FR 13.5. 20:00 We Love Arabs / 21:15 Lovepiece
SA 14.5. 17:30 Auf den Spuren der Rolies / 19:00 Het Hamiltoncomplex
SO 15.5. 15:00 Juha Valkeapää 50 yrs
MO 16.5. 10:00 Brunch mit Strotter Inst. / 15:00 An occasion by Isabel Lewis
DI 17.5. 19:00 Ghost of Chance
MI 18.5. 20:00 Traumboy
DO 19.5. 20:00 Sculpting Fear
FR 20.5. 20:00 99 Words for Void
SA 21.5. 19:30 Und dann kam Mirna / 21:00 MDLSX
SO 22.5. 16:00 Lessons of Leaking

And from 22:00 there are always live electronic gigs at the Festival Centre at kulturpunkt at PROGR (starting on 12.5.).