ART IS NO EXCUSE – A manifesto by auawirleben

Respect comes first!
At all stages of our collaboration, all permanent and temporary staff, artists, crew members, freelancers and temporaries will meet on a par and treat each other in a respectful and friendly way. Violence, sexual assault, abuse of power, discriminatory behaviour and language will not be tolerated.

We love diversity!
When it comes to our team members or the artists we work with, we do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, physical and mental preconditions, faith, social class, education or age. We reflect the diversity of our society in our team and our programme. We put measures in place to ensure this, both in the recruitment of staff and the artistic assessment process.

We put our cards on the table!
We are publicly accountable for our artistic selection process and, to that end, regularly release diversity statistics regarding the shows assessed for the festival.

aua for everyone!
We address a diverse audience with a thematically varied programme, an open festival atmosphere and by taking measures to increase accessibility to the festival events.

We are transparent!
The budget of auawirleben Theaterfestival Bern is public (PDF).

We talk about money!
The yearly salaries and the pay structure of the permanent staff are public.

We are fair!
All employees, freelancers and interns receive fair and competitive salaries and wages, as well as employee benefits and pension scheme contributions, regardless of pay grade.

We find solutions!
Being employed at auawirleben is compatible with different life paths. If an employee’s life circumstances change, we’ll look for solutions.

We value art!
Artists are paid at least union minimum rates, as recommended by the Swiss theatre union «t. Theaterschaffende Schweiz». In addition, we pay royalties, transport, travel, accommodation, and per diems. We do not accept artists’ offers to work below these standards. Co-productions receive an additional financial co-production contribution.

We love the world!
Our office is run with an eye on the reduction of our energy and material consumption. We look for sustainable solutions for our marketing and merchandising materials, the festival scenography and technical equipment. We recycle and reuse expendable supplies and materials. Backstage catering, the festival bars and kitchen do not use disposable tableware and individual packaging (including bottled water), and shop locally and organically.

We stay on the ground!
Team members travelling to assess shows will take the train or bus for journeys of up to 11 hours. We ask that artists take the train or bus, or travel together with the set for journeys of up to 9 hours. Flights are the exception.

Bern, 9 January 2020