aua comes your way

The 9th May

  • Tinu vom Catering
  • Tinu und Sabä vom Catering
  • Sabä vom Catering
  • Das thailändische Menu
  • Das Menu wird serviert
  • Das Menu wird serviert
  • Tinu Schöni liefert Essen aus
  • Eine Abonnentin wartet auf ihr Essen
  • Person mit Telefon am Kühlschrank

With a small opening hangover, we, together with our subscribers, looked forward to the second day of the festival, because it had a lot to offer. During the day, our crash course Zero Waste took place in form of a personal telephone advice. In a half-hour tour of the own apartment, registered subscribers received tips from Christine Otis of ZeroWaste Switzerland where they were most needed. In between we received a text message from Christine: «Very personable people! You have a cool audience! » Well, we really have the best audience in the world.

It was clear to us in advance that we would miss our festival kitchen a lot. And that’s why the Stadtberner subscribers had the opportunity this Saturday to have our long-time festival chef Martin Schöni deliver a delicious dinner. Tinu and Sabä drove to their subscribers with their catering bus and adorable headdress and served them a meaty or vegetarian menu from the Thai kitchen. By the way, we can also warmly recommend Tinus self-service refrigerators in Zollikofen near Bern. There you can pick up Tinus dishes and warm them up at home. Ä Guetä!

In the evening, the subscribers could watch the first live show of «aua comes your way». The scenic reading by Luanda Casella on Zoom was the first and unique version of her performance Short of Lying that we would have shown on the originally planned auawirleben. The reading was about storytelling, the power of lies and the deep-seated desire of most people to ascribe meaning and logic to their lives and experiences. For Luanda, an old life dream came true with the reading on Zoom. She always wanted to read stories to someone in front of a burning fireplace - how nice that dreams can be fulfilled even in this special and not always easy time.