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The 8th May

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If auawirleben 2020 could have taken place regularly, we would have been sitting together in the theatre hall, first listening, then clapping, later we would have moved to the festival centre and squashed ourselves through to the bar, we would have toasted to things and eaten together, and later we would have probably bumped into each other on the dance floor. It might have gotten a little tight sometimes, but we would have liked that. And yes, maybe we would have even laid in each other’s arms at the end of the night. But yesterday we were spending the festival opening at a distance, each one by themselves. But we put together the ultimate kit for you so that you have everything you need to celebrate the festival opening on your own. But with our ultimate opening kit, which also contained instructions for an own opening speech, it turned out to be a festive and wonderful evening. This opening speech (in German) by Manuel made us particularly speechless, we really couldn’t have done it better …

Instead of the opening performance of True Copy, our subscribers have received a postcard from the Belgian group BERLIN, where they could watch the master forger Gert Jan Jansen drawing. The band Eclecta has put together a clitter playlist especially for “aua comes your way”, on which many great musicians can be heard who have musically sparkled our opening night. And anyone who called Eclecta during the day even heard a tiny concert.

At the end of the day, the aua-team, some subscribers and the artists of the day met at Zoom in the festival center. It wasn’t like always and we missed the real encounters a lot, but it was still a cozy get-together with nice conversations, stories and even live music from Eclecta.