aua comes your way

The 19th May

The theme of our original festival is “BETTER NOW”. Due to the redesign of the program parts, this has moved somehow into the background. And yet it is perhaps more topical than ever. It’s about self-optimization, about improving the world and who defines what is “better”. We at the aua-team always strive to improve in something. We also want this in the area of ​​communication because we are convinced that prudent and clear communication is very important. And that’s why we brought an expert to our side who conducted a crash course in non-violent communication for interested subscribers. Martin Rausch gave us exciting and helpful inputs that the participants could practice in short sequences. The topic has given rise to many questions and discussions and we have also noticed that we can actually still learn a lot when it comes to communication.

During the day, our subscribers could listen to a comedian for a change. James Lórien MacDonald would have come to us with his stand-up program Gender Euphoria. For our letter festival he has made an adaptation of this program, which is a little more thoughtful than the show he does in clubs and bars. Because it is just a little more thoughtful time. To listen to this program, we recommended a walk to an outdoor swimming pool, sports field or any other place where you have been in the different phases of your life.