aua comes your way

The 16th May

  • Die Band Irma Krebs
  • Die Band Irma Krebs
  • Stadtplan des Wanderkonzerts von Irma Krebs
  • Die Band Irma Krebs
  • Zuhörer*innen der Band Irma Krebs
  • Ein Handy in einer Hand
  • Ein Mensch schaut zum Fenster raus
  • Eine Hand an einer Wand
  • Füsse auf einem Teppich

On the second Saturday of the festival, the spring sun finally came out again. Some people were once again seen in the meadows and squares, many of them walking through the streets with ice cream in their hand. Then our planned hiking concert with the Bernese band Irma Krebs came just right. The four musicians stopped at twelve stations all over the city of Bern and each performed a few of their dialect songs. The curious faces of our subscribers looked out of many windows and doors - oh, how we missed our audience! There was a real festival atmosphere and the great Irma Krebs made this day a highlight of «aua comes your way».

And because we like to pack up festival Saturdays, our subscribers received a second artistic proposal in addition to the hiking concert. «9 movements that make theater at home» was the contribution by Stefan Kaegi from Rimini Protokoll. He would have come to Bern with the piece Uncanny Valley / Unheimliches Tal. Now he has recorded a six-minute audio tour with Niki Neecke for Deutschlandradio for the place where we still spend the most time at the moment: our own four walls. The audio guide invited our listeners to take a theatrical tour of their own apartment.