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The 14th May

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On this festival day we were already in the middle of our many penpals. We still have a lot of fun and also get a lot of great and enjoyable feedback from the over 400 people who receive mail from us every day. Sometimes we would like to see these people or at least hear their voices, but that is currently not possible … And that is why we were so happy about yesterday’s artistic proposal. For her production Body of Knowledge, the artist Samara Hersch came up with something that gave us and the subscribers a very special kind of closeness and connection. The subscribers could contact Samara Hersch via WhatsApp and send her the song that they most associate with their own youth.* Afterwards, a teenager from anywhere in the world sent a voice message with a question that she or he is currently busy with. Subscribers should also respond to this by voice message. We from the aua-team took the time despite a very hectic letter subscription day and were catapulted back into our youth in a wonderful way. And the best thing about this artistic contribution from Samara is: it is not over yet. We are excited to see how it will continue in the next few days … 

* For the aua-team, these were «Eternal Flame» by The Bangles, «Wannabe» by the Spice Girls, «Cosmis Dancer» by T. Rex, «Welcome to my life» by Simple Plan and «Believe» by Lenny Kravitz