aua comes your way

The 11th May

  • Liebesbrief und handy
  • Liebesbrief und Memory-Stick
  • Handy in einer Handy
  • Blick durch ein Gitter auf einen Sportplatz
  • Briefkasten mit Pflanzen
  • drei Autos vor einem Haus
  • Zoom mit La trsitura

Today we were a little lost in thought. The artistic content of today’s letter moved us very much, as it did when we packed the letter and brought it to the post office. The Spanish group La tristura sent two things to our subscribers.

On the one hand it was a handwritten letter, on the other hand it was a memory stick with some tracks that you could load onto our cell phone or laptop. On these tracks, one could see excerpts from the piece Future Lovers that La tritsura would have brought to Bern for us. It is about six young people sitting around the campfire on a warm summer evening. They are standing between middle school and university or choosing a career, in a time of awakening, where personal course is set. On the tracks we were able to watch the six teenagers dance and listen to intimate conversations. And as we said, this made us sink in our thoughts. In thoughts about our own youth, our own love stories and mild summer evenings with good conversations. And last but not least, when we watched the excerpts from Future Lovers, we noticed how much we miss the theater and being together with familiar and strange people. And so it was very nice that Celso, Violeta and Alicia from La tristura and some subscribers were with us at the festival center that evening.

Our festival photographer Nathalie Jufer downloaded the tracks from the memory stick to her cell phone and went for a walk, of which we publish a few impressions here.