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The 10th May

  • Text von Mart Kangro mit Aperol Spritz
  • Text von Mart Kangro mit Aperol Spritz
  • Text von Mart Kangro mit gegessenem Orangenschnitz
  • Screenshot Zoom-Crashkurs "Fälschungen"
  • Screenshot Zoom-Festivalzentrum mit Mart Kangro

Festival Sundays have a strange atmosphere. You mix your personal Sunday rituals with everyday festival life, because you don’t want to do without both, even if they seem to contradict each other. The brunch with the family, the walk in the park or your favourite TV must be, but also the art. On this festival Sunday we would have shown the piece Past Perfect by the Estonian dancer and choreographer Mart Kangro, who currently lives in a house on the countryside. He sent our subscribers an artistic proposal by letter, which could be inserted into the quiet Sunday program. An Aperol Spritz was an excellent match. Mart also joined our Zoom Festival Center in the evening. There he spoke about his texts, but also about the migratory birds that currently often fly over his house.

During the day our second crash course took place, this time on Forgery in the digital age. Beat Rüdt, director of studies at the MAZ - the Swiss School of Journalism, has analyzed press photos together with the registered subscribers and examined them for perfidious deceptions and manipulations. It was astonishing to find out which tricks counterfeiters use to guide us around with pictures and thus distort reality.