gemeinsam gesellschaft gestalten! - practical introduction to the g3 method

  • g3

Direction Moritz von Rappard, project developer and mediator
Duration 2h, followed by drinks


The cultural sector is working intensely on the question of how to better reach different communities and involve them in content decisions. In cooperation with auawirleben, Migros Culture Percentage offers a practical introduction to the g3 method («gemeinsam gesellschaft gestalten» = shaping society together). This innovation method inspired by Design Thinking enables questions of participation and accessibility to be tackled in a creative way. The workshop is aimed at anyone dealing with cultural institutions or projects and is keen on developing concrete answers to specific questions. In a heterogeneous group, ideas are worked out in just two hours and can be implemented immediately. The workshop is an initiative of the new funding and network project of Migros Culture Percentage for the Performing Arts, which will be launched in the course of 2020.

Festival Centre at PROGR Courtyard Wednesday, 13.05. | 15:00


Free Entry
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