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This time, the Festival Centre is going up. We’re reaching up 15m, because higher is better. You can find our FOMO zone (FOMO = fear of missing out) at the courtyard of PROGR Zentrum für Kulturproduktion. Here is our traditional festival restaurant and bar for eating, drinking, chatting and hanging out. And this time there is a wellness area: You can literally dive into Stoian philosophy at the installation «Les Thermes» and get yourself prepared for your (festival) evening with various philosophical interventions. Our conversations to the shows also take place in this setting.

If you haven’t missed out on anything in the courtyard and, hence, have reached the hight of self-improvement, you can find our YOLO zone (YOLO = you only live once) in the attic on the east wing of PROGR on selected nights. Here all the to-do-lists are ticked off, the cream of the crop meets, and we celebrate the best of the best with gigs, stand-up comedy, a quiz, a grand award ceremony, wild dancing and a premium class bar. Don’t worry, at aua it definitely won’t be lonely at the top.

Scenography Christof Bühler Bar Tom Iseli, wartsaal Kitchen Martin Schöni & team

PROGR Courtyard & Attic East



Kitchen PROGR Courtyard
Opening 08.05. | Apéro from 21:45
09.–21.05. | 18:00–00:00

Bar PROGR Courtyard
Opening 08.05. | 21:00–00:00
09.–21.05. | 18:00–00:00

Bar PROGR Attic East
Opening 08.05. | 22:00–03:30
Saturday 09.05. | 22:00–03:30
Thursday 14.05. | 20:30–03:30
Friday 15.05. | 22:00–03:30
Saturday 16.05. | 22:00–03:30
Wednesday 20.05. | 22:00–03:30
Thursday 21.05. | 21:00–00:00