The best jury in the world

Auard Ceremony

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We want to find the best! But not the best piece of the festival or the best director (that would be too boring). We want to select the best poker face, the wildest hairstyle, the most beautiful voice, the most blatant lie and the most romantic love scene. That’s why we put together the best theatre jury in the world, you’ll grant the very first and illustrious aua-awards at the end of the festival. Through a call-out we found people who don’t usually go to the theatre. Many of them will attend aua for the very first time as a jury member. The group will hang out at the festival every evening with a fresh glance and a critical mind, watch shows and judged them along strict criteria. Watch out for them! You’ll recognise them by their golden festival passes. The jury will award the prizes at the end of the festival at the very first aua-Awards, aka Auards.

Festival Centre at PROGR Attic East Thursday, 21.05. | 21:30


Free Entry
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