Accessibility 2020

auawirleben inklusive

Since 2016 AUAWIRLEBEN has been carrying the Label «Kultur inklusiv • Culture inclusive». This label is given to cultural institutions which are committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in cultural life, both on the audience side as well as among the artists and employees in a sustainable and longer-term way.

Within our inclusive measures, we focus on deaf people and people with hearing impairments. Some performances are translated into sign language, others are accessible thanks to surtitles.
Sign language: 8.5. Opening speech in the festival center | 10.5. Crash Course Forgeries in the Digital Age, «Short of Lying» | 12.5. Conversation about «Pleasant Island» | 15.5. Intervention in «Les Thermes», 20:30 «Untitled#», concert by Irma Krebs | 20.5. «was wahr war»

For people with visual impairments, «Future Lovers» will be made accessible through audio description and a special introduction on May 12th. This means people can obtain acoustic image descriptions spoken live via headphones.

Some performances are shown as so-called Relaxed Performances. The auditorium is never darkened completely, and it is possible to leave and come back at any time. Also, other things that disturb in the theater, e. g. speaking, is allowed. Everything just a bit more relaxed. The performances of «Passing The Bechdel Test», «Lighter Than Woman», «Be Arielle F.» and the installation «Les Thermes» are Relaxed Performances.

Furthermore, you now have the option of a Special Check-In. If you want to avoid the full foyer for some reason, have trouble joining the big crowd to go into the hall or need a special seat, please register beforehand. Someone from the aua-team will accompany you according to your needs. Registration:

Clear icons in the booklet and on the website provide information about the measures offered with the productions. The sections Einfach gesagt (simply said) give short descriptions (in German) of the productions for all those who have trouble reading and understanding complex German texts.

If you have any questions, please contact Silja Gruner (031 318 62 16 or