Phil Hayes & Nada Gambier (Zurich/Brussels)

These Are My Principles... if you don't like them I have others

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Language English
Show on 13.05. with sign language translation
Duration approx. 1h 15min 

«These are my principles … If you don’t like them I have others» is a performance project about principles and what they mean in a world of compromise. Why, when it seemed so clear as to which side you were on, do people find it so difficult to say what they are actually for or against? Can you do something good inside of something you think is ultimately bad? Can you still make principled choices? 

Concept, Realisation Phil Hayes in cooperation with Christophe Jaquet, Nada Gambier Performance Phil Hayes, Nada Gambier Dramaturgy Julia Hintermüller Lights Tina Bleuler, Patrik Rimann / Electricgold Sound Susanne Affolter Production Management Lukas Piccolin Tour Management Katharina Balzer

Production First Cut Productions
Coproduction Gessnerallee Zürich, Südpol Luzern, Kaserne Basel 


Round Table 
Friday, 12.05. | 20:45

Saturday, 13.05. | 20:15

Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Friday, 12.05. | 19:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
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Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Saturday, 13.05. | 21:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
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