Theater HORA (Zurich)


Language Swiss-German
The show on the 20.05. is translated into sign language

Gott is the fourth part of the durational project Freie Republik HORA. In this, Theater HORA explores the artistic potential of artists with a «mental disability» in all areas of performance. In this part, they try to find new ways of working together as a collective with shared responsibilities. 

A collateral collage in collective direction in the context of the longterm project Freie Republik HORA

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Coproduction Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich


Friday, 19.05. | 20:30
Round Table
Saturday, 20.05. | 23:00

Tojo Theater Reitschule Friday, 19.05. | 21:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • Rollstuhlgängig
Tojo Theater Reitschule Saturday, 20.05. | 21:15Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • Gebärdensprache
  • Rollstuhlgängig