Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt & Andreas Liebmann (Berlin/Zurich/Copenhagen)


Language English und German 
Duration approx. 1h 10min

A medieval ballad by the Liebmann-Schmidt family about the new Europeans, real meetings, stories and songs shared by travellers from the North and South. A Danish-Swiss family travels to Sicily, where they meet a group of Nigerians. Together they kill time playing table tennis, telling each other stories and singing songs from home. 

Concept & Performance Andreas Liebmann & Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Stage & Costume Manuel Gerst Music Matthias Meppelink Lights Annegret Schalke Dramaturgy Tanja Diers Production Management Annett Hardegen Assistance Costumes Lena Buchwald Choreographi counseling Tiaheswery Thiaharaja Singing coach Johanna Peine 

Coproduktion Sort/Hvid Kopenhagen, Vierte Welt Berlin, Skogen Göteborg, Nordwind Festival

http://www. andreasliebmann.net/

Round Table
Saturday, 20.05. | 21:15
Sunday, 21.05. | 16:30
with babysitting

Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Saturday, 20.05. | 19:30Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
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Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Sunday, 21.05. | 17:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
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