Christophe Meierhans (Genf/Brüssel)

Verein zur Aufhebung des Notwendigen - A hundred wars to world peace

  • A group of people are cooking on stage.
  • There is a book on a screen. Hands are looking up a recipe
  • 6 people are standing next to each other and looking in different directions.

Language English and German (The main part of the text is written down and projected on the wall. Spontaneous requests to speak are being translated into sign language on the 11.5.) 
Duration approx. 2h

The show includes an evening meal. Come hungry! 

Christophe Meierhans creates an experimental situation about decision-making within a group. What could be a better setting for that than a kitchen where every individual has their very own desires and ideas? The task is to cook dinner together. But will we really sit down to a tasty and convivial meal at the end of the show? It’s hard to imagine, but let’s try!

Concept & Director Christophe Meierhans based on an idea by Verein zur Aufhebung des Notwendigen e. V., mit Dank an R. Komarnicki
Dramaturgy Bart Capelle Scenography & thinking contributions Holger Lindmüller, Michael Carstens

Production HirosCoproduction Kaaitheater Brüssel, Vooruit Gent, BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen, BUDA Kortijk, Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil, Vaba Lava Tallinn 

Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Wednesday, 11.05. | 18:00

after the show opening of the festival with Dewey Dell in concert.

Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • Gebärdensprache
  • induktive Höranlage
  • Rollstuhlgängig
  • Übertitel
Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Thursday, 12.05. | 19:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • induktive Höranlage
  • Rollstuhlgängig
  • Übertitel