Lies Pauwels / HETPALEIS (Antwerpen)

Het Hamiltoncomplex

  • Die Mädchen umringen um das grosse hölzernes Pferd.
  • Girls are standing  up front and are dressed like Little Red Riding Hood.
  • The girls are wearing white dresses and dance.
  • Four girls in white dresses rock the stage.
  • A girl in white underwear is running away desperately

Language Flemisch and English with German and English surtitles
Duration 1h 40min

13 thirteen-year-old girls shamelessly quote, copy, and confuse female stereotypes of the past and present. With that, they pull the rug of certainty right out from under your feet. They’re scary, sweet, strong and fragile all at the same time. A show which is bound to give you goose bumps!

With Anne Coopman, Luna De Boos, Bruce Eelen, Zita Fransen, Lies Genné, Robine Goedheid, Liesbeth Houtain, Julia Krekels, Aline Moponami, Ans Schoepen, Emma Van Broeckhoven, Mona Van den Bossche, Lisa Van den Houte, Stefan Gota Direction Lies Pauwels

Stage Chloe Lamford
 Costume Johanna Trudzinski Choreography Lisi Estaras
 Lights & Stage manager Barbara De Wit Technical direction Fati Ben Azouz
 Sound Zoran Vyncke 
Dresser Hilde Mertens, Veerle Segers 
Production manager Erik Moonen 

Round Table with Lies Pauwels / HETPALEIS 
Saturdy, 14.05. | 21:30

Dampfzentrale Turbinensaal Saturday, 14.05. | 19:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • induktive Höranlage
  • Rollstuhlgängig
  • Übertitel
Dampfzentrale Turbinensaal Sunday, 15.05. | 20:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • induktive Höranlage
  • Rollstuhlgängig
  • Übertitel