MA-Students of the Bernese academy of arts / Mirko Borscht (Berlin)

Ghost of Chance

  • a blurred picture with different people on it.
  • A black background with a not visible bold face.

The Survival Research of William S. Burroughs 

Language German
Entrance between 19:00 and 21:00
Duration open end

MA-Students of the Bernese academy of arts (HKB) and Mirko Borscht construct an installative, atmospheric parallel world where the borders between defined action and spontaneous, autonomous improvisation are blurred. An invitation to forget time and space and dive into the vast universe of William S. Burroughs. 

By & with Christina Berger, Patricija Bronic, Avital Cohen, Tom Kramer, Kay Kysela, Bharathi Mayandi, Mbene Mwalimbunga, Marie Popall, Maximilian Roenneberg, Simon Roffler, Hanna Röhrich, Nadja Rui, Julian Schneider, Suramira Vos, Andrea Zwicky Direction Mirko Borscht Video and Sound Mirko Borscht, Hannes Hesse, Richard Schmutz Assistance Richard Schmutz