Lond Malmborg (Tallinn/Malmö)

99 Words for Void

  • Two knights are standing next to each other and talk to the audience.
  • Two nights infront of a black background.
  • The knight on the left is playing the banjo, the knight on the right is playing the guitar.

Language English
Duration 1h 35min

Our fundamental values are under threat! In this performance we meet two knights who are sent out to defend them, while their dilemma is that they are not sure of what these values are. Lond Malmborg create a cosy-claustrophobic world where the hope for a utopia ahead has been erased and substituted with wishes for an immediate utopian experience, for instance a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. 

By and with Maike Lond Malmborg, Iggy Lond Malmborg Dramaturgy Johan Jönson Technical direction Kalle Tikas Technical Assistence Taavet Jansen, Revo Koplus Production Manager Eneli Järs Assistance Mairika Plakso

Coproduction Kanuti Gildi SAAL Tallinn, Baltoscandal Festival Rakvere, Dublin Theatre Festival, Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine, Teaterhuset Avant Garden Trondheim, NXTSTP (mit der Unterstützung vom Culture Programme of the European Union)

Round Table with Iggy & Maike
Friday, 20.05. | 22:15

Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Sunday, 22.05. | 20:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • induktive Höranlage
  • Rollstuhlgängig
Dampfzentrale Kesselhaus Friday, 20.05. | 20:00Tickets: 17.-/25.-/34.-
  • induktive Höranlage
  • Rollstuhlgängig