11.–22. Mai 2016

Fear less love

«Cat Content against terror» read a headline in the German newspaper «Zeit» last November. During a large anti-terror raid, the police of Brussels asked the public not to spread information about the police operations through social media. Within an hour, people started positing cat pictures with the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown. A statement of solidarity? A protest? Or just some cuteness against the feeling of helplessness?

14th of November, early in the morning at Helsinki airport. The day after the Paris attacks. It’s unusually quiet. No impatience in the long queues at the security control. People are looking at each other more directly than usual. Is that suspicion? Or are we making eye contact to tell each other that we will stick together?

Later that evening: I’m riding a train home from Zurich to Bern. I just had a first date with a new acquaintance. A nice date, a promising one. And I’m angry that world affairs are messing up my euphoria. Am I allowed to think like that? Or is that egoistic?

In these times, when a lot of people fear the strange, the future or violence, love is probably the most important thing there is – in private and in public spheres. The 13 invited productions from Germany, Belgium, Israel, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Finland and Switzerland all contribute in their own unique way to the spreading of acceptance and solidarity. And us? We are offering you free hugs for twelve days. So be there!

Nicolette Kretz for the AUA-team