Festival Centre NOW&THERE

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Concept Cosima Grand, Oliver Roth, Jasmin Wiesli 

Today you’re here, tomorrow you’re there. Now you’re sitting on this chair, later on another one. What changes when you swap places? Some would say: a leap on the space-time continuum. Others would say: nothing. But what we know is that you get parallel societies if you split a crowd into two rooms. And the grass is probably greener on the other side, especially if you see it through a screen.  

At the festival centre NOW&THERE you can exchange your spatiotemporal experiences over a cup of coffee from 14:00 or over a legendarily scrummy dinner by Martin Schöni and his team from 18:00. The bar will provide you with basic services to make you happy. The festival centre is also a ticket office and an information point for all sorts of things: The AUA team will be present every afternoon and can counsel you in your choice of shows or other festival problems. And every night, you can enjoy an exquisite programme of music and performances.

Each day has a new motto:

THUR 30.5. Come in without knocking! 
FRI 1.5. Everything you see is in the past 
SAT 2.5. The only bad part about flying is how you come back down to the fucking world 
SUN 3.5. What is time made of?
MON 4.5.  Today there will be some low-flying clouds
TUE 5.5. There is here, and here has become there 
WED 6.5. The only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror 
THUR 7.5. To differ and to mean something is the same thing
FRI 8.5. That very night a forest grew in his room
SAT 9.5. Now you have to close your eyes otherwise you won’t see anything
SUN 10.5. For further information please contact Mr Richard Mollet, Process Manager of Technical Services, phone: 031 318 62 16

Festival Centre, Stadtgalerie PROGR
30.4.-10.5. | 14:00-02:00
1., 2., 8. & 9.5. | 14:00-03:30
3.5. | 10:00-02:00