White on White (Malmö/Berlin)

#6– Queer Sells

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  • Queer Sells
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Language English
Duration 1h 40min 

In #6 – Queer Sells White on White researches on the latest, most sophisticated strategies through which white subjects succeed in dissimulating their identity as winners of the globalized world and, hence, maintain their power position. The male duo reveals the secret recipe of their future success on the art-market: presenting a sophisticated montage of signifiers of the mainstream with signifiers of a possible minority-status. In the case of White on White: the strategic combination of whiteness and queerness.

By and with Iggy Malmborg, Johannes Schmit Light design Daniel Goody 

Coproduction Inkonst Malmö In collaboration with Sophiensaele Berlin, Kanuti Gildi SAAL Tallinn 

Round Table with White On White
Wednesday, 06.05. | 23:00