Chris Dubflow


Chris started 1981 playing drums. From 1983 he played in various reggae bands. in 1985 he traveled to Jamaica for many years. That enriched him with much experience in music and culture.
1999 he changed to the electronic side of dub music and played under a variety of different names as live dub artist. Since 2009 he performs as Chris Dubflow. Playing live already in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland and England. Sometimes also with mc’s or dancers too. He’s working pure with mpc and analog equipment. No computer on stage!
His steyle mixes Deeproots, UK Dub and Dub Techno togehter. He performes live Dub with lots of power and spaced delays.

Now he is solo on the road again with a brandnew live Dub set: „THE ROUGHER SLICE“.
He rocks the place now with more Steppaz and Electro Dub elements! Must hear!!!

Festivalzentrum kulturpunkt im PROGR Mittwoch, 18.05. | 22:00
  • Rollstuhlgängig